History of The Counseling Center

bannerFrom its beginnings as the Human Growth Center in 1978, The Counseling Center has been committed to providing needed psychotherapeutic services to the Greater Bucks County community. Now with both the need and the demand for these services greater than ever before, The Counseling Center’s work and programming have been made even more relevant today.

In the spring of 1978, a group of people came together to discuss the establishment of a private, nonprofit counseling center that could provide excellent psychotherapeutic services to the many people in the greater Bucks County area whose mental health needs were simply not being met. Many private practitioners’ fees had become prohibitive, and the county-supported base service units were dramatically overrun.

Beyond their insight into the need for such a center, this group of people also began to look at the whole field of counseling and psychotherapy and began seriously to consider what a truly excellent counseling center would be like.

They became committed to the possibility of a counseling center that would be characterized by a community-based volunteer board of directors together with an interdisciplinary staff of outstanding professionals from a variety of mental health professions who would offer professional services to people on a sliding scale ability-to-pay fee basis. They envisioned a counseling center that would not be limited to a single theoretical model for psychotherapy, but rather one that would intentionally seek to create an atmosphere of continual dialogue among professionals who would represent a variety of theoretical orientations. Most importantly, they dedicated themselves to the creation of a counseling center in which people would be seen not simply as patients or clients, but rather as persons of intrinsic value; human beings involved in an experience of growth toward self-actualization.

As a result of this kind of visionary thinking and a deep sense of commitment to what is possible for people of caring and dedication, The Human Growth Center (now The Counseling Center) came into being, completing its first full year of service in 1979.

In the quarter of a century that has followed, The Counseling Center has continued to provide a full range of psychotherapeutic, educational, and consultative services to thousands of persons. And The Counseling Center has become the standard for what a private nonprofit mental health agency can and appropriately ought to be.